It’s Okay to Have Off-Days

It’s been roughly two months since we transitioned from face to face class to online classes. The semester ended with many of us scrambling to finish assignments and exams, while some of us finished co-op jobs, exchanges were getting cut short, and job and events were getting cancelled.

The beginning was rough for everyone, some more so than others as we all have a multitude of things to worry about.

Grateful to see sunsets like these during evening walks

We try hard to be optimistic and look forward to when we can see friends, enter crowded restaurants, and play on beaches without worrying about transmission of a virus.

There have been days where I had become so accustomed to this new lifestyle that I carried about my tasks like usual: sleeping until almost noon, video calling friends here and there, browsing on social media platforms, watching a video or full-out diving into a series.

However, as much as I’ve gotten used to the new normal, that doesn’t mean I don’t get off-days.

Off-days are days where the magnitude and seriousness of matters hit harder than usual.

Off-days consist of consuming too much media and diving into news outlets trying to find a sliver of hope into a possible timeline for businesses and lifestyles to return to “normal.”

Off-days sound like inner thoughts trying to convince us that researching about the virus is only beneficial and that we need to be as informed as possible (which for the most part is true, but not so much when it can hurt your mental health).

Off-days feel like helplessness as the realization of not being able to do much but stay home so that essential workers and front-line healthcare workers tackle the virus. 

Despite all of this, off-days will pass.

There are lots of fun craft projects that you can start! Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

They might stay a little longer than welcomed but I want to tell you that having an off day doesn’t mean that you’re weak.

They might occur more often than you’d like but it would be helpful to come up with an “Off-day Battle Kit” filled with activities and ways to find yourself back at a neutral state.

Some examples can include baking, learning new skills, cleaning, going for a walk while listening to your favourite tunes, DIY projects, and many more!

I hope you are all doing well wherever you are and whether you’re starting to take classes again, working, or staying at home waiting for this to pass. 

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