Self-Care Spots On Campus

(This was written before COVID-19 but these spots will be waiting for you once life is back to normal!)

Taking some time out of the day to devote to the care and keeping of ourselves may seem impossible in a student’s busy schedule. 

Between classes and studying and working and volunteering and everything else it seems like there is barely time to eat let alone have a moment to relax. That is why I wanted to put together this list of all the best spots on campus for self care.

You can choose where you want to go depending on how much time you have. Some need a little planning but most can be done with just a few extra minutes or worked right into your routine!

Take a look:

1) Cinecenta

First on the list and my personal favorite spot for a self-care date is Cinecenta! You can often snag some free tickets from Orientation and campus events and maybe a coupon for the Munchie Bar’s delicious popcorn.

Either way, student tickets run between $5-$7 which is perfect for a student budget.

So find a flick you want to see, grab one of the hidden sofa chairs in the back, and don’t forget a legendary pecan pie bar at Munchie’s — you heard me right, pecan pie bar!

2) The Quad

Always open and always free, the quad offers a perfect spot for a quick picnic or a moment of meditation between classes.

If it’s a sunny day take a book or a blanket and go lay on the quad to soak up the sun.

On a clear night the quad is cool and quiet and has a beautiful view of the stars. Perfect for some reflection time.

3) UVSS Peer Support Centre

A hidden gem in the basement of the UVSS, the Peer Support Centre is run by trained volunteers ready to offer support, resources, or even some snacks.

The Centre is open for drop-ins to chat or just hangout from Monday to Friday 11am-3pm and is always packed with art supplies! If drop-ins are full keep an eye out for their bi-weekly events that may include puppy cuddles or maybe a community social.

4) Pet Cafe

Pet Cafe

Missing your pet? Have puppy fever? Just need a cuddle? The Pet Cafe is located a short walk across campus to the Multifaith Centre most Wednesdays from 2:30-4pm.

Cute animals! Need I say more?

Multifaith also offers a variety of spiritual services and events such as meditation.

5) Mystic Vale and Finnerty Gardens

These two tucked-away parts of campus are small paradises that I wish I had visited more often. Take a walk through an enchanted vale or explore the bamboo forest and flowers of Finnerty Gardens. You will feel like you have been temporarily transported to a fairytale. 

Mystic Vale is a magical place to explore. Check out Isabel’s blog post about it.

6) Walk through the trees on the south sidewalk of the Quad

If you can’t take the time to discover the Vale or Gardens a super easy way you can take in the beautiful nature of Victoria is to simply walk on the south side of the Quad.

You may have noticed the grove of trees that line and intertwine with the sidewalk so if you only have a moment you can adjust your route or if that is your route take a second to look up and around you at the mini forest you are in. Take a deep breath.

7) Grab a Fresh Juice for $5 at the Health Food Bar

Refreshing and healthy, the Health Food Bar in the SUB offers tons of fresh juice options but my favorite is the Pain Remover.

Filled with lemon, orange, pear, and apple, it is true to its name and can whisk you away even if just for the time it takes to drink it. Every step to take care of yourself is valid.

8) People-Watch on the Wall of Windows

Take your studying to a new level, literally, by moving your study spot to the wall of windows in the library. Every level of this wall is neighbored by a view of the campus below and looking towards the Bob Wright Centre.

People-watch while you work or simply bring a book or some art to work on. You’ll have a new perspective on the day.

9) Counselling Services and Victory Therapeutics

Mind and body work hand in hand for self-care. Counselling Services offers appointments and drop in free for registered students who would like to chat with a trained professional and Victory Therapeutics in the SUB offers special services such as a chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncture, and much more for some special care for the body.

Did I miss any key spots? Make a list of your own and add to it as you go. Never forget to take care of yourselves UVic.

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