8 Positive Side Effects of a Quarantined World

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In such an uncertain time it can be difficult to find the bright side of being cooped up for so long watching the news reports that say it may not end any time soon. This list is here to help for when you need a boost or a reminder of why we all need to stay in but stay connected.

1. The knowledge that by staying in, you are contributing to flattening the curve

You may feel like more of a couch potato than ever but you can be a happier potato by remembering that by social distancing and staying in you are helping to keep yourself and others safer from getting or spreading COVID-19.

2. Dramatic decreases in air pollution

Photo by Cathie Walker

The skies have not been this clear in a very long time. The views over Los Angeles and the skylines of China have cleared up dramatically due to the decrease in emissions from traffic and fossil fuels from factories.

While it is probable that this decrease is only temporary this is a big wake up call for just how much impact emissions create on the environment and is perhaps an opportunity to see what we can do to keep emissions as low as possible.

3. Jellyfish in the Venice canals

You read that correctly, Jellyfish! The canals of Venice have cleared up so much that underwater residents like jellyfish can be seen in the clean blue waters.

4. Balcony concerts in Italy

On another more musical Italian note, the balconies of Italy have been filled with its citizens serenading their neighbors while maintaining a distance. From the national anthem to operatic covers Italy’s people have been keeping their own spirits high by lifting the spirits of those around them.

5. Recognition of just how essential our essential workers are

From grocery store workers to bus drivers, from nurses and doctors to educators our essential workers are still working. In my neighborhood alone I have the pleasure of hearing a round of applause and cheers every day at 7pm to cheer on our health workers who are changing shifts at the hospital. While many of us have the ability to stay home, our essential workers are out there working hard to protect us and to support us all.

6. Reevaluation of wants vs needs

This is certainly a big period of reevaluation. Now we may not be able to pick up that specific type of bread or as much toilet paper as we want (do we really need a pallet of toilet paper anyways? Probably, no, definitely not).

This is a chance to separate our wants from our needs and prioritize the needs of our neighbors over the panic buying for ourselves. This is also an opportunity to reevaluate how we prepare for periods of blocked access to essential goods and work on a better plan of action for the future, just in case.

7. A more tech savvy society

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

Applications like Zoom and Blackboard are booming right now to keep people in touch whether for work, school, or personal connections.

If you were not familiar with your laptop before, now is the time to get acquainted and rediscover your connections to the outside world.

8. Time to get reacquainted with ourselves and our loved ones in new ways

Whether you are quarantined alone, with roommates, or family this is the time to get to know yourself and them even more. Work on your self-care, start the side project you haven’t had the time to do, rediscover board game night with your family or online with friends, you can even watch Netflix with your friends online!

There is still a whole world out there and a whole world within yourself to discover, stay home, and stay positive, this too shall pass.

be kind, be calm, be safe sign

Photo by Cathie Walker

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    Well worded Rebecca. Loving some of the balcony concerts from Italy and Spain. Hope all is well.

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