My First Year in Photos

It’s hard to believe my first year at UVic has already come to an end. But this quarantine situation has given me plenty of time to reflect on the past 8 months, and look forward to all of the new memories I will make in the years to come. I have so many milestones and moments to look back on just in one academic year. I am incredibly lucky.

I have compiled some photos for you to see what a first-year student’s life looks like — enjoy!

Buying my first textbooks

Climate Strike at the Parliament Buildings 

Voting for the first time at UVic

Finding a go-to study spot 

Enjoying Fall at UVic

The Holidays at Butchart Gardens

Collecting stickers for my laptop

Mornings at Mystic Market

Mirror selfies in between classes (taken at CARSA) 

Studying for exams

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