Celebrating Birthdays in Quarantine

I recently had my 19th birthday while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while it was a very different birthday than what I’m used to, and certainly not how I pictured celebrating 19, it was still one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. 

Without the pressures of a big, public celebration, or being judged by my peers for not having one, I found I was able to appreciate the day in its entirety.

For once, I wasn’t stressed about where and who I would/wouldn’t spend my birthday with, and if whatever I chose would be fun for everyone. Sometimes the build-up to birthdays can be more stressful than we think. 

I am extremely grateful to my friends and family who came together (emotionally and virtually; not physically) to wish me well on my 19th birthday. So I made a list of some alternate ideas that you can use for yourself or others to celebrate a birthday while we wait until things can safely go back to normal: 

  • Have a driveby birthday parade: my friends decorated their cars and drove by my house honking and playing music for me while I stood on my front porch.
  • Home movie night: many new releases that were set for movie theatres are being made available to rent at home. 
  • Drop off a homemade craft, card, or gift at the birthday person’s home
  • Host an online FaceTime call to sing Happy Birthday virtually
  • Order takeout for a special meal, and support a local business
  • If you would normally celebrate your birthday with new clothes, do some online shopping, and watch out for birthday coupons
  • Send flowers
  • Catch up with someone from 6 feet away
  • Go for a hike or walk along a beach or trail
  • Set aside some money to go out for a birthday dinner and celebration when it is safe to do so

I hope you or your loved one has a fantastic birthday, even with the circumstances!

Photo by Becky Fantham on Unsplash

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