Photo Journal: My Favourite Views in Victoria

While I sit at home, confined inside and doing my part social distancing, things can get pretty boring.

I have a lot of time on my hands all of a sudden, so when I’m not sleeping in or trying to find the motivation to work on my online classes, I have been going through old pictures. It’s fun to think about why I took so many of these in the first place.

Victoria is a beautiful place to live. Evidently, I have been documenting this beauty for years without even realizing it.

Hopefully when we’re all back at UVic, stressed about our classes and lost in the everyday grind of the school year, we can find the time to seek out these views. When we safely can, check out these places for yourselves in between classes or on the weekends when you need a break from studying. I for one will never take them for granted again.

The top of Mill Hill 

Downtown Victoria from the top of the Bastion Square Parkade

The Royal Bay Beach Park 

The top of Mount Douglas 

Oak Bay Beach Drive

Concerts at Save on Foods Memorial Center

Cowichan Lake 

Esquimalt Lagoon

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