100 Things to do During Quarantine

Here are 100 ways to keep you busy during quarantine/social distancing:

  1. Clean your room/house
  2. Watch Netflix (and watch it with friends with Netflix Party)
  3. Read a book
  4. Make a craft
  5. Call your friends/family
  6. Drink water
  7. Cook a meal you haven’t made before
  8. Have a dance party in your living room
  9. Listen to music
  10. Do homework
  11. Learn a new skill
  12. Do laundry
  13. Yoga
  14. Explore nature

    Exploring nature is a great solo activity to get you outside.

  15. Go for a drive
  16. Organize your closet
  17. Draw yourself
  18. Take a nap
  19. Make a hot drink
  20. Have a spa night
  21. Do a puzzle/board game
  22. Declutter your phone/laptop
  23. Start learning a new language
  24. Look through old photos
  25. Stitch up holes in old clothes
  26. Have a fashion show in front of your mirror
  27. Stretch
  28. Take a hot shower
  29. Go for a walk
  30. Start journaling
  31. Lay out in the sun in your backyard
  32. Create a bucket list
  33. Sew

    Sewing all of my old shirts into a quilt was a great way to kill time.

  34. Sort out your finances
  35. Light a candle and watch the flame
  36. Bake cookies
  37. Learn to knit
  38. Bike ride
  39. Make a YouTube video Vlogging your day
  40. Watch YouTube
  41. Play an instrument
  42. Take photos
  43. Clean your fridge
  44. Build a card house
  45. Smell some flowers
  46. Do a summersault
  47. Paint your walls
  48. Buy something online
  49. Put on a cozy sweater
  50. Watch old Vine compilations
  51. Write a song
  52. Hug a pet

    My cat Autumn who is the best quarantine buddy.

  53. Make a TikTok
  54. Explore a city on Google Maps
  55. Search up your name and see what comes up
  56. Change your sheets
  57. Teach your parents/guardians a viral dance trend
  58. See if you can fit in a cupboard
  59. Floss your teeth
  60. Create a Spotify playlist
  61. Put a sheet over you and pretend to be a ghost
  62. Make funny faces in the mirror
  63. Set up a picnic in your house
  64. Do an at home workout
  65. Do the chore you always procrastinate doing
  66. Put stickers on various objects
  67. Cut your hair

    The aftermath of my hair.

    I always cut my hair when I’m bored but this time was a bit extreme. Even for me!

  68. Empty your junk drawer
  69. Built a fort
  70. Learn how to code
  71. Backyard camping
  72. Play The Sims
  73. Watch the news
  74. Make a Pinterest board
  75. Stargaze
  76. Create a blog
  77. Rearrange your furniture
  78. Learn a card trick
  79. Try origami
  80. Update your résumé
  81. Learn calligraphy
  82. Race paper airplanes
  83. Try to break a world record
  84. Research your ancestors
  85. Meal prep
  86. Listen to podcasts
  87. Garden
  88. Explore Wikipedia

    Meditating is a great way to centre yourself and reduce stress.

  89. Watch a documentary
  90. Meditate
  91. Create a mood board
  92. Write a letter for your future self
  93. Do a DIY project
  94. Make a “to-do” list
  95. Cloud watching
  96. Take an online class
  97. Lay in bed all day
  98. Juggle
  99. Take your pet on a walk
  100. Make sure to take care of your mental, physical, and social health

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1 Response

  1. Geoff Axford says:

    Thanks for this very handy Iist Jodie. You put a lot of work into this! Your Dad forwarded it to me. Lots of great suggestions. I may skip the ‘knitting’ however.!!