Meet Marissa, UVic’s Vlogger – UVic Vlog #1

Hello UVic ! Welcome to my first blog post. My name’s Marissa and I’m a first year psychology student. I’m working towards a career in art therapy. I’ll be making videos based on residence life, UVic, and general Victoria fun:) Below is my first video posted to UVic’s new YouTube channel, ‘This is UVic‘ — be sure to check it all out!

A little more to introduce myself: I was born and raised in Abbotsford, BC and spent my time rock climbing and making art. I graduated high school a semester early in January 2019 and spent three months backpacking through Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Tokyo, Japan with my childhood friends.


Magnetic Island, Australia where I got to see my extended family and meet new friends.


Tongariro National Park, New Zealand (Mt. Doom) where I spent two weeks on a youth tour bus and had so many new experiences.


I chose UVic for two important reasons. First, professors are knowledgeable about art therapy. Second, the environment and people who live here are so welcoming. Victoria has always felt like home to me so moving here was not only easy, but exciting.

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