Crystal Waters at Joffre Lakes

My first hike in Vancouver was an absolute adventure. I was nervous about it because none of the ladies I was driving with had access to a car, but there was a shuttle that took people to and from the hike! It was a full day, and the whole trip from home, to the station, to the hike and back home took about 12 hours. But it was well worth it. I’m hoping to go again because it was a bit foggy during our trip, but still beautiful. The hike itself was easy as well, and me and my friends were singing our lungs out as we went up the mountain! Enjoy my photos from Joffre Lakes.

Me shouting at my friends not to make me laugh because I was afraid of falling off and landing in what I was sure was ice-cold water.

Absolutely loved hiking with these ladies so hopefully we’ll do it again soon!


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