The Best Private Bathrooms Around UVic

Need a place to be alone? Hate public washrooms? Need somewhere to go just turn the lights off for a minute and breathe?  I got you.

Being a perma-student I had to develop my own coping strategies, ie. small tiny bathrooms where there is a lock, light switch, and bliss – a spot all to yourself on this busy campus. Normally I wouldn’t divulge my secrets, but as I’m about to graduate I feel it’s time to pass on the torch.

Read the following for my favourite spots:

  1. BEST: Bottom floor of David Turpin A Wing
    SIX private washrooms – can hide in there forever
  2. Second floor B Wing David Turpin: huge + shower, but I’ve had the door tried to be opened a few too many times.
  3. MAC Education wing 2nd floor – super empty hallways, not often close, but there is also a shower I have yet to go into.
  4. ENGR across from the machining shop.
  5. ECS first floor between the huge washrooms.
  6. Student Union Building between the gender-free washrooms. This one’s the most risky – tons of people around to see you go in, and the door gets rattled and knocked often. In a pinch will do.
  7.  Second floor University Centre.

Do you have a favourite private bathroom I missed? Pass it on in the comments –> 

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