How My First Voting Experience Was Great Thanks to UVic

Voting for the first time is an incredibly invigorating experience. You should try it.

Voting for the first time at UVic is even better.

I was nervous, excited, and absolutely ready to vote when I locked my car and left the CARSA parkade on Tuesday morning. I walked with a purpose to the SUB, my drivers license in hand. My class started in half an hour and I was worried I’d be late to my Unidad Dos Spanish 100A quiz.

I was also concerned that I didn’t have the proper documents. “Do you need to bring your voter’s card?” my friend snapchatted me. What the heck was a voter’s card?

Needless to say, I probably wasn’t prepared as I should have been. I’d spent so much time researching party platforms in order to make my first voting decision, I’d forgotten to find out how to actually do this thing. Thank god UVic made it easier than ever.

I ventured into the Michele Pujol Room, spoke to a greeter, and waited for maybe 10 minutes to sit down and cast my ballot. Elections Canada representatives helped me though the whole thing — making sure I was registered, my information was correct, and that I knew how to spell the name of the candidate I wanted to vote for.

What I thought would be a serious, “no funny business” affair, was completely relaxed and helpful.

Maybe they paid extra attention to me when they read my 18th birthday was only a few months ago. Maybe they had the extra time. Whatever it was, the whole voting experience at UVic was nothing but positive.

I want to shine light on the importance of voting, and how incredible it is that our University puts the time and resources into making it accessible, easy, and frankly fun for students.

You can still vote today (October 9) in the SUB. If you miss out, please, please, please make the effort to vote elsewhere. Register online and find out everything you need to know about where and how at

Happy voting!

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  1. Bhinder says:

    Hi I’m a reporter with CTV news and working on a story about younger people and engagement with the federal election. Are you available for an interview? You can call me 250.418.5207. Bhinder