Spring in Utrecht

Spring is by far my favourite season, so while I was sad to be missing out on Victoria’s cherry blossoms this year, I was excited to see what spring would look like in the Netherlands. I knew tulips were a big deal here, but was glad to find out that there are so many other plants blooming – including cherry blossom trees! Utrecht is an especially beautiful city to see during this time of year, so here are some photos of spring in Utrecht.

Easter brunch in the garden with my housemates

Ice cream on a warm Saturday evening

The next photos require a short introduction. Since 1835, Utrecht has been home to a weekly flower market at Janskerkhof. Every Saturday, even in winter, people set up stalls selling everything from succulents to bouquets of roses to lemon trees. Even if you don’t buy any flowers yourself, it’s a great place to walk around and do some people watching. I’m always amazed at how many flowers and plants (even small trees) Dutch people can transport on their bikes!

Even dogs come along for flower shopping

A bouquet of tulips I bought in March

I bought these peonies for only 1 euro!

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2 Responses

  1. Diana Huizing says:

    Love all your pictures! I love Holland Have a great time yet! It will go by so fast