6 tips for when you forget about something important

I have a lot going on right now. The semester only just started, but I already feel like I’m ridiculously busy. I have classes, work, volunteer placements, family obligations, and blog posts to write!

People get busy, and sometimes things get away from you. Sometimes you forget to do something important. I’m not perfect, and sometimes things have slipped through the cracks. I’ve learned a lot from being in this type of situation, so I’m going to share some knowledge with all of you.

1. This happens to everyone.

We are all busy people, and sometimes we may miss a deadline, forget an obligation (sorry I haven’t called recently, Mom!), or keep putting off things that are less important, like washing the dishes. Literally every student has had this experience, and likely everyone else in the world has too! You’re not the only one. Even just knowing that makes me feel a little bit better.

2. Apologize if you need to.

Maybe you forget your sister’s birthday, or to hand in a paper. Talk to the person, and recognize if you’ve done something wrong. Try and solve the problem, then promise to try better next time.

3. Remember, it is not the end of the world.

Once I overslept on my very first day at a new job – how embarrassing! But I took a deep breath, called ahead and let them know I’d be late, and showed up and did my best. It turned out to not be as big a deal as I thought it was. I was never late again, but I also learned to not freak out in these situations, because that can make things so much worse.

4. Talk to someone.

I have found that if I tell someone about things I have to do, it makes me more accountable. Even telling a friend about an upcoming due date can remind you to get started on that paper! You and your friends can keep each other accountable.

5. Make a list.

Write down all the things you need to do, either major or minor. And put that list somewhere you will see it, so you can’t ignore it!

Before I go to bed, I write down everything I need to do the following day on a whiteboard that is front and centre in my apartment. I rank the list by “most important” to “least important” and try and get through the full list every day. That’s why I’m writing this blog post today – it was first on the list!

6. Take some deep breaths.

It may seem like one more thing to add to your very busy schedule, but even taking one minute a day to sit and breathe deeply can help to focus your mind and calm you down.

I use a breath timer app that plays one sound as you inhale, and another as you exhale. Deep breathing can help you focus on what you need to do, and have less stress if you forget about something. I’m not kidding – it really helps!

Good luck, folks! The time to start is now – don’t let all those deadlines pile up on you. You got this!

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