A Year in 365 Seconds

One second is a lot to capture small moments like these employees flipping takoyaki!

It’s already more than halfway through the last month of 2018! Time sure flies when you’re…always studying or working?

No, but it really did fly by.

Around this time last year, I suddenly wanted to challenge myself to do something for the new year.

I had seen YouTubers do a video project where they filmed one second every day for a year to compile into a 365 second video.

And that’s exactly what I did!

I managed to get one of my friends to do the challenge so that we could motivate and keep tabs on each other to not miss any days.

So far, I’ve only missed 2 days – one when I was packing and the other…well I simply just forgot.

Here is a sample from May when I went back to Taiwan and visited Japan. Although not all of the months are this exciting, it can be really fun to look back on later in the year.


There were many days where I didn’t know what to film so I had to be creative.

As students, it’s hard to come up with interesting footage that doesn’t consist of going to class and doing homework, so I made it a reason to attend as many events as possible in hopes of capturing something exciting.

At the start of next year, my friend and I plan to have a “viewing party” to watch our (failed?) video challenge that recaps what 2018 was like for both of us.

I’ll be honest, it was a huge commitment.

The view from the Metropolitan Government Building in Tokyo.

You’d have to remember every single day to film at least a one second video in landscape mode and have enough space on your phone to store all the videos!

Luckily, there are apps that help us compile the videos so that you don’t have to manually cut one second from each video.

There’s a really good one for Android and an alternative for Apple.

For 2019, I challenge you to complete this fun side project.

You can choose however long to make them – a week, a month, a semester.

I think this was a great experience and I’d totally recommend it if you were travelling or attending an event. It’s a great way to reminisce without the trouble of editing the videos to perfection!

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