Facebook LIVE- for prospective students!

Yes, dressed in your pajamas from your living room couch, you can ask questions and get detailed answers with insider information from current students and recent graduates from the University of Victoria in our faculty-specific Facebook Live sessions.

Have you wondered about what’s like to live in residence? Or maybe you’re curious about what a first-year class is like? How will you possibly decide what to major in?

Check out the “My First Year @ UVic” Facebook group throughout the week and post your questions! If you missed a session, don’t worry, all the events will be saved on the page so you can view them later.

If you have questions after the videos have live streamed, comment on the feed and someone will help you out!

This year, I was lucky enough to host the sessions and even as a fifth-year science student, I have been learning so much about other students’ learnings in the different faculties!

From hearing about one student’s experience in uncovering a 14,000 year artifact through the Faculty of Social Sciences to learning about another student’s exchange in China through the Faculty of Business, there has been a whirlwind of academic knowledge and involvement showcased!

Oh, I also heard about how one student fell into a passion by taking a course in environmental sciences and is now creating a biodegradable glow stick, not to mention another student who tells her story about the trials and tribulations of getting into med school.

As a current student in the Faculty of Science, I have had a ton of experience accessing the endless support as I pursue my academics but even though I’ve learned a lot, my journey at UVic was supplemented with joining clubs, getting a job, research, living in residence, Vikes Nation and co-op!

It doesn’t end there, though. Other students have done sweet things such as exchange, work study, working as a teacher’s aide and more! Honestly, I’m kind of mealous (mad + jealous) that I didn’t do more! If you were like “what’s that?” with any of the things I just mentioned, you’ll have to hear it from the students in our Facebook Live sessions – trust me, it’s way too cool!

Below are the dates we’ll be streaming each faculty. Each session starts live at 7pm! If you want to know what time that is in your area of the world, follow this link: Victoria is AWESOME!

  • Tuesday, November 27  – Humanities
  • Wednesday, November 28  – Social Sciences
  • Thursday, November 29 – Business
  • Monday, December 10 – Science
  • Tuesday, December 11 – Fine Arts
  • Wednesday, December 12 – Engineering
  • Thursday, December 13 – Education
  • Wednesday, December 19 – Human & Social Development

See you all, LIVE on the “My First Year @ UVic” Facebook group!

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