The Colours of Autumn at UVic

Despite the fact that my family and I have made a home for ourselves in Canada for the past 12 years, my Mexican mother will never not be in awe of the beauty that is a Canadian autumn.

Vegetation differs from region to region and the particular region in Mexico in which my mother was raised did not experience the seasonal colour changes of the leaves the way we do here.

So every year when summer fades and the cold settles in, my mother finds joy in the changing landscape around her. Her reaction, every year, makes me more appreciative of the beauty around me.

Thankfully, I get a front-row seat to this phenomenon on the UVic campus. We are surrounded by all kinds of trees on our school grounds! The oranges, reds, and yellows encompass the paths we walk on and provide a stark contrast to the grey skies we are often subject to during this season.

As a tribute to my mother’s love for the season, I have compiled a set of pictures to share with all of you! Though the frequent rains and the chilly winds may bring us down, I hope you can all take a moment to be thankful for the beauty surrounding us that you may be taking for granted.









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    I love this!