If You Live in Victoria, You’ve Taken These 5 Photos

Victoria is as unique as it is photogenic. From locals to visitors from all over the world, there are five pictures we have all taken.

1) In Front of the The Parliament Buildings at the British Columbia Legislature
During the day they are a towering architectural beauty, and at night a glittering spectacle impossible to miss. Perhaps one of the most popular photo ops in Victoria, is the area in front of the BC Parliament Buildings. Make sure to strike a pose on the green lawns with these incredible buildings behind you. It’s a must on any photo list!


2) Fan Tan Alley
Full of history and rich culture, China Town boasts some of the most unique photo ops in the city. Its hidden gem is Fan Tan Alley. Hidden among the brick walls of China Town is an alleyway with hanging lights, vibrant doorways, and funky shops to snap. Blink and you’ll miss it!



3) PKOLS (Mt. Douglas)
The walk or ride to the top of PKOLS rewards you with a breathtaking panorama of all of Victoria as far as the eye can see.


4) The Beach View
When you live on the Island you are surrounded by beaches. With ultra blue waters and a view that goes all the way to the snow-capped mountains of Washington State, this photo op cannot be beat.  A favourite of the locals and UVic students alike is Cadboro Bay, (above) a short ten minute walk from campus. 


5) Brunch
Victoria is the brunch capital of the world. On every corner there is somewhere to get some of the best brunch you have ever had. When food is so beautiful how can you not take a pic? Yum!

How many of these photos have you taken?

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