The good, the bad and my advice for being a student

Guest post by Imran Ranmall

Being a 4th year student in the Recreation and Health program (EPHE), I believe that I have grown since my first year at UVic in 2014. My name is Imran Ranmall and this is my story and journey at UVic.

First year of university

I came to Victoria in 2014 scared and unaware of how great the city of Victoria was. I also realized shortly after how great the University of Victoria is and how fortunate I was to have such a great opportunity to be a student here.

I moved from Douglas College and decided to come to Victoria to look for a new journey in my life and get away from family to ensure I learned how to be independent. I did this with two other friends.

Some key experiences over the last few years consist of meeting new people, being in a smaller city and getting opportunities to grow and learn through volunteer and employment opportunities. I enjoy being in Victoria because the city is young, active, very friendly and consists of beautiful tourist attractions.

I have also been working with non-profit organizations within Victoria to engage with children who have disabilities. I encourage everyone to get some experience working with individuals who have a disability because it is very rewarding to help people feel included. Most of my work have been facilitating physical literacy programs for children.

I was part of the 2018 World Partnership Walk team

During my time in Victoria I’ve spent most of my time volunteering at my mosque, working a variety of part-time jobs to grow and learn, collaborating with other students, trying new activities such as biking, and getting out of my comfort zone.

The start of my 4th year was the most challenging because before this year, I didn’t have an open mind. Having an open mind while in university is essential to getting new and life changing opportunities. An example of this would be applying to work with agencies that work with children who have disabilities, which I was not familiar with before my 4th year.

Enjoying a meal with some students part of the Ismaili Student Association (ISA) at the mosque.

My biggest advice for new students would be to use the resources that UVic offers, such as counselling, free food store, student discounts, and to support student-run businesses (in the SUB). Get out of your comfort zone, take co-op opportunities, use the McKinnon gym and pool (it’s free with your tuition fees), join a school club and attend varsity games to meet new people and develop school pride.

During my 4 years at UVic I have been constantly busy managing school, my health, running an Ecommerce business and working numerous amounts of jobs to pay my bills. My advice to new students is ensure you take some time for yourself because the workload can be overwhelming. Ensure you have a day during the week like Sunday where you go out with your friends and do limited work.

My experience at UVic has been great and I am looking forward to my last year here. I plan on completing two more co-ops and completing one more course before I graduate in June of 2019.

Taking part in the holi event put on by the Indian Student Association a couple years back


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