This UVic student invented an eco-friendly glow stick… And I got to film it!

When I saw UVic undergraduate student Paige Whitehead’s picture up on the main page of the UVic website I was like “gosh dang it – I have to film that!”

Paige has invented an eco-friendly glowstick that uses bioluminescence to create light. She’s in the midst of developing her prototype that hopes to be 100% compostable and actually contain nutrients to revitalize the ground that it gets disposed on. How neat is that!?

So I messaged her and we organized a time to film a video that explains each component. After we toured a thrift shop, found seaweed on a beach, and visited a real life BIOREACTOR we finally got to try out the glow sticks and spoiler alert… it was friggin awesome!

If you want to just skip to the cool visuals there’s timestamps in the video description. 🙂

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  1. Maria says:

    Is this commercially available?