How a laptop changed my life

Okay, so… the laptop may not have actually changed my life, but it definitely has definitely help me succeed in my studies.

After finishing my first semester of third year, I think I have finally unlocked the key to improvement in school: organization.

I’ve always been far from organized, as indicated by my backpack from high school, which my friends nicknamed the “black hole,” since everything seemed to go missing when put in there.

Anyways, this last semester, which was the busiest semester of my undergrad thus far (I was taking six different courses, all while studying for a professional exam I took back in November), I had a significant improvement on my grades. That indicated that a change I had made somewhere was key to my academic success.

This “key” was something very simple. It was an increase in my organization. Let’s go back to the summer.

In my first two years of university, I had a bulky, old, ready-to-fail-at-any-given-point laptop which I lugged around campus but never really used. I never truly realized the exceptional organizational qualities that come from having a functional computer. So, in summer 2017, I splurged and bought myself a brand-new laptop.

This shiny toy is what I contribute to my personal success in terms of my improvement of organization, as I can take notes, write lab reports AND watch Netflix (because I deserve it, and so do you) all in one place. On my note taking application, I have a special pen which I can write with on my laptop, parallel to a pen on paper. Only with this, I don’t lose notes and find them days (or weeks) later! All in all, it was a good buy. It has definitely helped me increase my awful organizational skills!

However, this is not an ad to make you go out and buy a computer; if you are organized with a a pen and paper, then fantastic! I for one, however am unable to keep track of everything.

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2 Responses

  1. Fortune says:

    I am inspired by reading this. It helped me in more ways than you think.

  2. Austin says:

    Nice to hear that