Valentine’s Day Reinvented: Love Yourself this Year

Oh Valentine’s Day! A wonderful day filled with love and commemorating romance! With flowers, chocolates, and cute little stuffed animals to give and receive, who couldn’t love it!


Maybe the 70% of the millennial population that isn’t married or in a relationship.

Or maybe those people who are in a long distance relationship, or alone on this day for any other number of reasons.

Long story short, for as lovey dovey as Valentine’s Day is there are a lot of people who don’t have a significant other to spend the day with.

So for those of you like myself whose schedule for February 14th is blank, spend this Valentine’s Day loving yourself.

You deserve to have a special day even if you do not have someone special to spend it with.

Here are 10  ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day on your own:

1. Go to a spa

Whether you treat yourself to a massage, a facial, or a mani-pedi you’ll love the pampering, and how serene your “me time” is.

2. Laugh!

Laughing releases endorphins which literally make us happier, so why not spend your evening laughing? I know that Phillips Comedy Night is hosting a comedy show on Valentine’s Day! Or for those of you who are more of a homebody, there are countless comedy shows on Netflix to enjoy from the comfort of your own bed.

3. Take the day to unplug

Why get annoyed by all the happy couples on social media? Turn your phone off for the day and invest your time in focusing on yourself, rather than how perfectly perfect Joe and Kate look on Instagram.

4. Veg out

Order some take out, binge some Netflix, and maybe you’ll forget that it was even a holiday to begin with.

5. Take yourself on a date

Treat yourself to some ice cream or frozen yogurt, or go to a restaurant and just order dessert for one.

6. Go hang out!

Ask your other single friends if they want to do something. Remember that your friends need love too.

7. Go to a yoga class

You don’t have to be good at it, just take the time to be calm and in-tune with yourself.

8. Indulge

Not that you ever need a reason to spoil yourself, but this day works as a nice excuse. Buy yourself a pair of lingerie,  a box of chocolates, or some flowers, anything really! I promise that you don’t need a guy to buy those things for you.

9. Try out a new recipe

You know all of those mouth watering recipes you’ve pinned on Pinterest, and the countless cooking videos on Instagram and Facebook featuring delicious meals? Actually make one! Show your body some love with a splendid home cooked meal.

10. Send some love

Call your mom and actually talk to her for a while, or maybe send a heartfelt text to a friend you miss or want to make feel special. Love only grows when it’s shared.

Lastly, do not look at this as an exhaustive list as to what you can do for Valentine’s Day this year; let your own creative juices flow! In the end, regardless of what you decide to do, just remember to spend some time caring about yourself.

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3 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    If you’re looking for self-love, I highly recommend The Go Love Yourself box! It’s a self love subscription box and the theme for February is a Date Yourself Day – it’s super cute!

  2. Sal says:

    Love this! Self love is so important and I’m so glad someone is talking about it.