Holiday Movies EVERYONE Should Watch

I love movies! It’s the best feeling being in bed curled up with my nine (no exaggeration, there are nine) pillows, and a cup of tea! Winter, Christmas and the New Year is upon us, so here’s a list of movies that I love to watch during this kindda time! Be warned, some of these are not the best movies of all time, so if you’re only looking academy-award winning films, then don’t scroll any further!


I don’t care if Will Ferrell is your favorite person or not! This movie is funny! You cannot deny! And if you only want to watch ‘Buddy’ make a fool out of himself, you can always just skip through the mushy parts (it’s what I do sometimes!)

Mean Girls

I think this movie works for every season and every time of the year, but if it wasn’t a Christmas Movie, then why would there be a Winter Talent Show?? Duh!

Die Hard

So I’ve heard that some people think this isn’t a Christmas Movie (you know who you are). However, they are wrong! This man overcomes some serious situations to learn the true meaning of Christmas! And they even have fire works! What could be more festive?!

Home Alone

No explanation needed! This movie, and its sequels, are amazing!


One of my all-time favorite movies! Nothing better than this! I mean, you have cute fuzzy things that turn evil (which is basically my life – you’d know if you ever met me), really creepy Christmas caroling and fried chicken! Nothing better I tell ya!

And that’s the end of my list! There are many more, but these movies come with some of the best GIFs, which is also why I picked them! I hope you’re all having a wonderful winter break! What are your favorite movies to watch?

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