These are a few of my favourite things (@UVIC): The MAC’s Sandwich


So I’ve decided on a new blog series to share. I have noticed that I have gathered a few routines, favourite spots, food and habits over the semester. I thought it might be fun to share these things, starting with a beautiful and treasured delicacy, The MAC’s SANDWICH.

Now I am what some may call a “worry wart.” I stress about talking to peers, finishing assignments and completing exams and daily tasks. However, one of my biggest calming and enjoyable activities is EATING.

Nothing is better than finishing my midterms, handing in my stressful assignment, or finishing a final and having my stunning and scrumptious (tasty) reward, my pal, my supporter, my trusty and wonderful MAC’s SANDWICH.

After trying out a few combinations I settled on my SANDWICH soulmate.


To make a Maya Sandwich from MAC’s you ask them nicely to use the lovely cheesy herby bread, some spicayy chipotle mayo, Cheddar cheese, ham, cucumbers, tomatoes and A WHOLE TON OF JALAPEÑOS!!!!

Here is myself having a grand ol’ time with that sweetthang, my beloved and special SANDWICH from MAC’s!!!

Can’t wait to have more of these after the break and write about more of my favourite things here at UVic soon!

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