Mindful Holiday Guide

Dear UVic,

In less than two weeks I will be flying home to the Dominican Republic. I am thrilled to see my friends and family; it has been almost a year since the last time I visited my country. It is exciting and I should be packing soon! However… I am struggling to choose which presents I should bring home with me.

I have been reflecting on what makes a good present. Is it a nice dress? Is it a nice wallet for my father?

If you have been asking yourselves similar questions, read these tips for choosing your presents this holiday season. 🙂 I call this my mindful holiday guide. 

1. What do you need?

I need to find my second glove…

The holidays are a great time to ask for the things that would make your life easier.

Maybe something that will help you study better or that will help with your cooking.

You could ask for things like a pack of new socks, new (or used) winter gloves, a 2018 agenda, a small rice cooker, a cooking pan, rechargeable batteries, a small reading light, computer cover or even a new backpack!

Think about how functional the item can be. You can ask the same question to your friends and family.

2. Give experiences

Movies they have recently shown

Webpages like Groupon offer very good deals on dinners, items and adventures around Victoria.

You could buy your parents a massage, a 15-day yoga pass or a day of rock climbing. Or go to Cinecenta on campus!

You could also buy e-books and subscriptions to different pages or courses. Education does not have to be expensive and can also be a great present <3

The next two movies I will go watch

3. Do a book exchange

Pick a book for your friends and let them do the same. Don’t spend money on new books, though. There are many stores in Victoria like Russell Books where you can buy used/like new books for your friends.

4. Buy used things

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Buying used things could prevent an item from being thrown out. This will save you money and hey, you can find really awesome items around Victoria!

Check out Usedvictoria, Varagesale or even go to a thrift store and see what you find.

5. Your presence is the gift

Why do you even need to spend money on presents (or receive things)?

Spend time with your family and friends. Go out for dinner, throw a holiday party and be together.

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