Intramurals: Get Active and Socialize!

Softball playoffs in December

After spending hours in the library, time in the classroom and more time reading at home, you’re probably ready to get out and move.

I’m sure many of you played sports growing up, maybe even one at a highly competitive level, but now you’ve put school first and are focusing on a career. Intramurals offers the chance to get back out there for just an hour a week!

When I transferred to UVic, intramurals gave me the opportunity to get connected and meet new people at a new school. I started playing softball in place of playing competitive baseball. I found a new group of friends and and an activity that got me excited for Thursday nights.

How to get started

Intramurals is open to everyone who is not playing an organized sport on campus, so what’s stopping you? Get involved!

  1. Register at Vikes Online Registration.
  2. Once you’re registered, pick a sport and create a team with friends or classmates.
  3. If you want to play and you don’t know anyone else don’t worry! UVic intramurals has a singles team made up of other players who also need a team.

Teams for every interest

Intramurals soccer

There are plenty of sports to choose from:

  • Ball Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag football
  • Futsal (Indoor soccer)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Res Sports (Dodgeball, Soccer)
  • Softball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Learn more about them all

Play at your own level

There are three different levels of intramural sports:

  1. Recreational Co-ed: This is the lowest level of competition. This is great for all those who want to go out and have a great social experience and play for fun.
  2. Competitive Co-ed: This is the middle level of competition. Here everyone is competing for a chance to win.
  3. Competitive Open: This is the highest level of competition. There are no rules for having a set amount of players from each gender on the playing surface. This league is meant for those who are looking for the most competition and is taken more seriously.

For softball and soccer specifically there are leagues meant just for those who live in residence. This is an amazing chance to get out and meet other first years that may be in your classes or your building.

Being a good sport

UVic intramurals takes sportsmanship very seriously. There is a Fair Play Program in place during the matches to maintain standards of behaviour.

After each game, intramurals staff ranks the fair play of the teams on a scale from 0 to 5. Teams need to accumulate 25 fair play points to qualify for playoffs at the end of the semester. The team that wins playoffs wins a champions t-shirt.

Get connected and have a blast

If you can find some friends and an hour a week to get out intramurals will get you connected to the culture UVic has to offer. Take some of the stress of school off your mind and register today!

Check out what fellow blogger Grace has to say about intramurals in her recent Snapchat takeover:

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