I Am Not Freaking Out

I’m not freaking out.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve said those words to myself in the past few days.

I’m not freaking out.

I’m not worried about my final exam next week, because I know that I understand the material. I’m not panicking about my paper that I need to finish, because I know that I have great sources, and it’s well organized. I’m not flustered about my work commitments, because it’s really not that many hours this week.

Yup…this kitty gets it.


Because it’s that time of year.

Take one glance around a classroom, or at anyone sitting in the library, and you will see that look of panic in on every face. Final exams, papers, and deadlines are all creeping up, and literally all of us are freaking out. It’s almost like a right of passage – if you’re a student, and it’s the end of November or beginning of December, you are freaking out. You just are. And so is everyone else.

But I’m going to try my best not to. Because I know it won’t help me at all.

I’m going to take a second to breathe. In for four counts, out for six.

I’m going to stick to a sleep schedule, and try not to pull all-nighters.

I’m going to try to take breaks when I can, because I know that if I get up and move around every once in a while, it will help me to refocus my thoughts.

I’m just going to keep telling myself that I’m not freaking out, even though I am. Think of it as a positive affirmation – maybe if I keep telling myself that I’m not freaking out, it will stop.

I’m not going to freak out, because I can do this!

And so can you.

I believe in you! Good luck, everyone!

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2 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you for this much-needed reality check. It’s so important to keep things in perspective, especially when you start to *freak out*. Good luck!!