How to be Influential @UVic.

Who are influential people?

An inspirational person is someone who encourages you, inspires you, motivates you, who brings out the real you, and who makes you do things you always wanted to do.

When we think of influential people we think of Beyoncé, Oprah and other famous figures in and we forget other important people who influenced our personal lives.

On average, how much time do we spend listening to Bill Gates or Donald Trump compared to your friends or family, and are we inspired by them without even noticing?

What makes them influential? Why do I admire them?

Remember the time you were inspired from the stories of your dad in his youth, the advice your mom gave you in your hard times or that friend you did the craziest things with. All these experiences influence us and we look up to these people for these reasons. These people didn’t necessarily do great things or have great achievements but for us they did everything they could.

There are some common reasons why we look up to these people. They are really passionate about what they do and they don’t hesitate even a little to go an extra mile for others.

They don’t pretend to be someone else or try to act intimidating. They just are themselves and everyone loves that about them. They are not only confident about themselves but they boost others to get better. They always take responsibility for their actions and never put themselves before others. Last but not least, they mean and do what they say.

How can I be influential at UVic?

We could start with helping out a friend or classmate in need, putting an extra effort into a team project this semester. But a few things would really make an impact at a larger level.

There are some UVic clubs putting in the effort to make our community better for everyone. It’s a great way to collaborate ideas and efforts to make a difference. I recently went to an event where I met a great group of people who are willing to put in the time and energy to make a change. It was hosted by Natalia Karpovskaia who really influenced and inspired me by showing that how little effort from everyone together can have a big impact on our society. To be influential we have to do things others are not willing to do, and that is what will inspire people around us.

Here are some clubs who would  really love and appreciate our help:

UVic Community Cabbage: They distribute free meals in front of SUB every Friday at noon and also have workshops on cooking delicious meals.

Divest UVic: They advocate for The University of Victoria’s divestment from fossil fuels while building a student movement to take on climate change.

Vulture Culture: This is a movement started by students who are concerned with the massive amounts of food waste on campus.

UVSM (University of Victoria Sustainability Movement): They focus on building a healthier future through developing, supporting and engaging in action that inflates social equality, redistributes economic control and expands ecological consciousness.

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