Lost something important? Follow these steps.

Have you ever left your wallet on the bus? Or lost something important at UVic?

I tend to be very carefree with my things. I leave my wallet on the table as I study, and sometimes I even leave my laptop on my desk while I get a hot chocolate.

I leave things in my bike rack and assume that nobody will pick it up as well because “who would want to steal my water bottle?” or “who would want to steal my identification cards?”. Sometimes things do get lost and while we live in a very safe place it is always worth it to be extra careful and to know what to do in case something happens.

One day as I was biking to school my coat fell off. It held my wallet with all of my identification, bank cards and my house keys. Replacing those cards is not a simple task, especially if you are an international student. Luckily two days later I received a phone call from someone telling me they had found my coat.

The hours I spent looking for it were stressful but I learned a lot of useful information and I hope it helps you if anything similar happens to you 🙂

1. Retrace your steps

Google Maps!

I went back through the same paths and asked different people whether they had seen my red coat or not. The coat was gone when I went looking for it, which made me go to step 2!

2. Call nearby establishments 

You can find the list of nearby schools and centres online or on Google Maps! A friend also told me that people often pick up things and hang them on nearby fences.

This was not the case when I was looking for my coat but someone from a school mentioned they had driven past it laying on the street (first clue)!

3. If item was lost near UVic, call Campus Security

Even if you don’t lose something at UVic people might drop the items at Campus Security. Since my coat had my student card and UVic lanyard, the only place they could return them was UVic (either that or my address in the Dominican Republic!)

4. Cancel credit/debit cards

Call your bank! This is good to do because it helps keep your money and identity safe.

The banks will not complain 🙂

5. Post a notice on social media

The online community at UVic is huge!

6. Call the Saanich Police

There is a non-emergency phone number (250-475-4321) that you can call with questions.

I was scared to call them but they were very helpful and they also have a lost and found section!

7. Create a poster to post on notice boards 

For something to be posted at UVic, it has to be approved at the ONECard office (University Centre) or at the information booth in the Student Union Building so check with them beforehand.

8. Go back to step 2 & 3

9. Call BC transit lost and found

They also keep a list of things found in buses or handed over to the drivers — BC Transit lost and found!

10. Call ICBC and report a lost ID

Be sure to contact ICBC to report your ID as lost so you can get a replacement..

Don’t give up yet though, this is also for safety!

11. Wait for someone to contact you

It can be hard but don’t give up!

12. Post an advertisement in the lost section of online sites

I was contacted by someone who saw my advertisement on UsedVictoria, a website where people can sell and buy things and post community notices. The person had found my coat hanging on his fence.

Good luck everyone and remember, you are not alone <3

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