UVic Fall Fashion 101

So you’re considering coming to UVic, and you probably have a few questions.

Will I make friends?

Will I like Victoria?

Will my clothes reflect my fabulous new island life?

Well, let me try and answer at least one of those questions with three simple ideas.

  1. Blundstones.
  2. Herschel backpack.
  3. UVic hoodie.

The third thing is pretty self explanatory, however if you are not a UVic student, the first two may be completely new to you, so let me break it down.


Blundstones are boots that originally came from Australia, and can now be found on every second millennial walking in downtown in Victoria drinking a coffee from a Mason Jar.

photo credit: Derek K. Miller Shiny new red Blundstones via photopin (license)


Herschel backpacks

Herschel backpacks – These bags come in many styles and colours, but this is definitely the most popular around the UVic campus.

Get yours (and your UVic hoodie) at the UVic Bookstore if you don’t already have one! 



You may think that I am overstating the popularity of these three things, but today I was on campus for twenty minutes. I walked to one building and then to the bus stop, and in that time I saw 44 pairs of Blundstones, 22 Herschel backpacks, and 24 UVic hoodies.

These are by far the most beloved staples of your average UVic student and if you find yourself thinking “huh, those boots look pretty comfy” then this may be the place for you!

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