My UVic Bucket List

Well, it’s here folks. My final hurrah, my last semester here at UVic. As you can tell, I’m already getting nostalgic. These four — or five or six — years go by way faster than you think, and before you know it, you’re graduating. But not to fear, fellow Vikes, I’ve compiled this UVic bucket list for you to ensure that you get the full experience while you’re here. How many have you checked off?

1. Go to Thunderfest.

If you’re in your later years here at UVic, I sincerely hope you’ve bounced in at least one bouncy castle, taken at least one picture with Thunder, and painted your face blue and yellow for the annual season-opener soccer game. Thunderfest is a true rite of passage.

2. Do a polar bear dip at Caddy Bay.

Whether it was for the annual ‘first night,’ party in res, or a mid-winter polar bear dip with friends, Caddy Bay is a magical spot at night. Warning: it is not warm.

3. Find your own secret study spot.

Have you really been to UVic if you haven’t found that one secret corner in the library where you can curl up and study all day? The answer is no.

4. Embarrass yourself at Karaoke night at Felicita’s.

Here’s a fun story. One lovely Thursday night in second year, I met my boyfriend and his friends at Felicita’s after my night class for some good old fashioned karaoke. To my dismay, I showed up to find that they’d signed me up to sing “I don’t want to miss a thing,” by Aerosmith, along with my boyfriend. I was so embarrassed that I laughed the entire time, and Ryder had to carry the team. Still, a solid bucket list experience.

5. Go to a cluster party.

In previous posts, I have mentioned how I do not actually enjoy cluster parties, as they are usually extremely crowded and hot. However, it is a part of the true university experience.

6. Take a picture with Santa and his sleigh at Christmas.

Yes, you may be in your early twenties, but are you too old for free hot chocolate, cookies, and a picture with Santa? Definitely not. The key is to make the most of as many free opportunities as you can throughout your degree.

7. Go to the Yoga Rave, or Dodge in the Dark.

Because who doesn’t love getting to cover themselves in glow paint?!

8. Camp at Sombrio Beach with some of your best friends.

Sombrio has gotta be one of the island’s most magical spots. Set up a hammock, bring lots of blankets, and experience bliss.

9. Live with your friends.

I’m not saying this always go well — check out my post on “8 things no one told you about living off campus,” but living with roommates can be one of the most fun parts of university.

Never again will you get to order pizza at 2am on a Saturday night and watch Gilmore Girls with your best pals.

10. Hike up to the Goldstream Trestles.

Take that classic Instagram pic. You know you want to. Watch the salmon run.

11. Get one of those classic UVic Hoodies.

You know the one. Wear it to all your finals, but only if you’re also wearing Birkenstocks and/or Blundstones. Then you’ll know you’ve truly made it as a UVic student.

12. Actually talk to your professors.

Start doing this early. Find several professors who could actually give you a reference for the future, or better yet, who you could do an Honours project or Directed Study with. All the teachers tell you to do this, but you actually should. I wish I would’ve done it sooner!

13. Go on an awkward first date by the Fountain.

Enough said. Even better if you get a London Fog at the Bibliocafe before hand, and then spill it on yourself. (Yes, I have done this).

14. Join a club, intramural team, or get a job on campus.

Basically, do something that gets you out of your comfort zone, and connects you to more people while you’re here! Once I did this, I started to feel a lot more like I belonged.

15. Go to Puppy Playtime at De-stress fest.

Yes, it is as great as it sounds! What more could you need during finals season – hugging dogs!?

16. Go on a Reading Break trip with your friends.

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend Tofino. Try surfing, drink hot chocolate (or check out Chocolate Tofino for some killer ice cream), set up camp, and have lunch at Tacofino.

All in all, there’s a lot to offer here at UVic, and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of your university experience! Please feel free to comment below anything I’ve missed, or how many items on the list you’ve checked off!

Happy first week of school =)

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