How to Get the Most Out of Your Tour (from a Tour Guide)

Tours start at the Welcome Centre.

As a Welcome Centre Tour Guide, I get the opportunity to be one of the first faces to represent UVic to prospective students and their families. (It is seriously the best job ever.)

As a prospective student you have the option to take a tour of UVic before attending to get a feel for campus and a glimpse into student life from an actual student. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your tour:

1. Bring questions

Believe it or not but parents usually have the most questions. Don’t feel embarrassed if your parents are inquisitive because odds are they are asking what is on most people’s minds. But if you have some questions for your tour guide, go for it! There are no “stupid” questions.

We are here to share our experiences as students and knowledge about campus life. You will also be attending a Q&A (question and answer) session with a Recruiter who can answer those specific case questions or anything you forgot during the tour.

(P.S. Bringing a note pad is totally acceptable. I know I did. Very helpful for jotting down some interesting info or remembering a question you have while the tour guide is talking.)

2.Dress for the weather (and for comfort)

Your walking tour will be 70-80 minutes long and Victoria is known for some beautiful and diverse weather. Wear comfy shoes for walking and bring a layer just in case a breeze blows through.

Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen on those sunny days as well as a water bottle. The Welcome Centre has some umbrellas if it so happens you need one.

3. Take Pictures!

You will be walking through a good chunk of campus as well as a single room in residence (Tower) so do not be afraid to take pics. The campus is beautiful and I also took pics of the residence room on my first tour and it was SO helpful months later when packing and couldn’t remember the basics I would have to work with.

Every residence has a slightly different layout in terms of rooms and such but the basics of the rooms are all pretty much the same. Don’t worry, this info can also be found on the Residence Services website if you forget to take pics.

4. Don’t be afraid to make a couple friends

You never know who you are going to meet. Not everyone on the tour may end up attending UVic but making connections can be fun.

I am still friends with someone I met on my first tour who now studies in the States and am very close with two girls I met on my Orientation Day tour. You are all in the same boat and lifelong friends can come from anywhere.

5. Take a post tour exploration!

After your tour and info session you are free to roam around the campus and Victoria. Grab a map and some directions from the Welcome Centre (plus a Self Guided Tour Pamphlet of campus if you don’t know where to start) and get going.

Relax on the quad, get lost in the library, or head downtown from UVic’s Bus Loop and walk along the harbour, see the Royal BC Museum, Canada’s Oldest China Town, or grab something to eat from one of the million unique food spots around every corner, whatever interests you!

(May I recommend The Flying Otter right on the water, the Irish Times Pub, or Sen Zushi for some sushi.)

Happy touring and exploring 😀

More info on tours

Get more info on booking a tour and parking details

Tours are available from Monday through Saturday, starting at 1:00 p.m., and are not offered on Sundays or statutory holidays. The tour runs 70-80 minutes and you will see a single room in residence (Tower) followed by a Q&A session with a Student Recruiter 15-30 minutes in length.

Can’t take a tour in person? Take our Virtual Tour

Me leading one of my first tours

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