World Partnership Walk

Would it be surprising if I said that UVic is still alive during the summer? That there are students everywhere and events happening almost every day?

The summer brings with it wonderful weather and, while there are less students present, the heart of the community is still alive. Recently the World Partnership Walk took place on campus. It was an event that brought together people from different backgrounds and offered different activities to choose from, from completing two different walks to cultural events on campus.

This walk is an initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and their goals range from increasing awareness to raising funds to help different international communities. I learned about education challenges, health, gender-related issues and most importantly some of the ways we were all helping change the current situations in some African and Asian countries.

Hearing about success stories and how women have been empowered and taken the lead in their communities. In the photo, a centre where women could meet and weave had been created, allowing them to save money on materials and sell their creations

Cultural activities from different countries

The afternoon was full of amazing food, music and dancing presentations from different groups in Victoria

I felt happy because in the midst of all of the problems in the world I know we have not forgotten about those who are less lucky than we are. It was amazing to experience the food, music and other cultural aspects from the different countries.

It was amazing to listen to the success stories from different communities and find out more about the organisation behind this event. Finally, I found out that this walk is not only happening in Victoria but also in different cities across Canada! If you have the opportunity to be in Victoria during the summer I highly recommend you join the event. PS. You do not have to “walk” to join the event, you can also just participate in the dancing, watch presentations etc

What matters is the support and community engagement. <3

Now that summer is practically here take a moment to check out all of the future activities happening on campus or around Victoria. They never cease to amaze me!

Lots of peace and love everyone!

If you do anything different today, let it be a new act of kindness. ~ 

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