Humans of UVic

Our blogger team recently interviewed some folks around campus. Here are their stories.

UVic climbing wall

“Climbing itself brings all walks of life together. You have people from 80 years old to little kids. You have fully athletic people and people who don’t really engage in other sports. It’s so unique, and it brings a sense of community. There’s no kind of elitism in this environment. I feel that community is really starting to build in UVic right now.”

“The thing I miss the most about being home is having someone who can cook for me because, as I’ve learned about myself, I’m a terrible cook, and I do a really bad job taking care of myself. So, I really miss having dinners that my mom put a lot of care and attention into.”

“My favourite part of working in the food bank is getting to meet all the different people. Everyone who comes here is usually nice and talkative, and it’s good to hear everyone’s stories. Today we got a huge shipment of food and the people here just helped stock the fridge. It’s a good community.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot more about social justice, and how I could make more of an impact. And I think as an educator, that could be the perfect avenue to teach students about things that are going on in the world, and what they can do to make a difference.”

“Through my job I try to set an example, teach my employees something and make sure they have fun while they work here. The most rewarding part has been watching how each student has changed from their first year to when they enter the workforce at the end of their degree.”

“I’m waiting for my wife. We’re going to see a movie at Cinecenta – Julieta, directed by Pedro Almodovar.”

“You definitely wouldn’t do this if you didn’t think it was fun. I’m not getting paid, you have to get dirty, and sometimes it’s hard not to get pissed off. It’s all about solving the problem — and the devil is in the details.”

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” (UVic Help Desk)

“I feel that being a mother has certainly been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life — raising my children as a single mother.”

“I always wanted to travel. My older brother went to China with a scholarship. I came to Victoria; the community aspect drove me!”

(Photo taken on St. Patrick’s Day)
“Are you Irish?”
“Uhh… yeah… sure… yeah.”

“What am I doing? So this is the… well, that’s the name anyway.”*points to lab notebook* It’s a big long line. Trichloronitro – no – nitrosylbistriphenylphosphine ruthenium II. There you go.”

“I’m going on a hot date.” 😉

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