Finding Your Summer Home

Summer is fast approaching and if you are staying in Victoria you’re probably looking for your new temporary home. Here are some tips to help you along if you don’t know where to start or just need some guidance:

Figure out your price range $$$ and what your needs are ahead of time because you’ll need to be flexible

Money, money, money. How much do you have, are going to be earning, and how much are you looking to spend? Know your limit and search within it to find a place that has what you need. You may need to compromise in some places.

Where do you want to live?

A pretty important point. If you are going to be taking summer courses or will be working at UVic, lucky for you plenty of spots near UVic tend to start popping up around March and April so keep an eye out.

Finding postings

Facebook, Used Victoria, Craigslist, Places4Students, the options are all around you. Students will often post sublets in UVic social Facebook pages and groups as well as in “Victoria Rentals” on Facebook. Places4Students is partnered with UVic to provide off-campus listings for students in a simple and clear format.

When you email potential landlords, be courteous, kind, informative and sell yourself!

This is the landlord’s first impression of you so make it a good one. Try to set up a time and date to come and view the location as well as meet your potential housemate.

Set up a meeting to view the place and bring a friend

This is a busy time of year but get yourself over there to view your potential home rather than relying on pics they have posted for they may be outdated or even fake. Ask if you can take pictures and do so if allowed because it will be helpful later when you’re picking a place and to show your parents. If you will be living with a roommate bring them, and if you are living solo, bring a friend for an added feeling of security when meeting a stranger.

Come prepared with questions

Ask tons of questions, politely of course but you want to make sure this is the right spot for your needs. Think about things like: wifi, laundry, storage, parking, visitors, outlets in your room, what furniture is included, etc.


Physically go to the place to check out the home. Bring a friend or if you are renting with someone else bring them so you can feel out the space and see if you can picture yourselves living there.

Never wire funds.

Never give out personal financial information.

Be cautious when detailed information, personal photos or property pictures, etc. are provided without requesting it, as this is typical scammer behavior.

Actually read the subletter’s agreement before signing.

Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable listen to those feelings and perhaps pursue a different venue. Do not feel obligated to say yes just because you have shown interest.

Happy House Hunting! 😀

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