5 Things You Can’t Survive Finals Without

The end of the school year is approaching and you need to start studying for finals.

It all seems a little overwhelming when you look at your notes and realize you’ve forgotten half of what you’ve learned.

But now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to buckle down and study. There are a few things that can help.

1. Cue Cards

Cue cards are amazing. You may think cue cards only work for vocabulary words. You would be wrong.

Cue cards can be used for any number of things from vocab words to important dates to the top five causes of WWII. There is nothing that you have to remember that you can’t put down on a cue card.

2. Detailed Notes

You might be the best note taker in the world but your notes might also be completely illegible. Find a friend in the same class as you and go over your notes together.

You’re both bound to have missed some things in one lecture or another and hopefully you can fill in the blanks for each other. Make sure your notes are top notch before you start to study from them.

3. A Study Buddy

Getting someone to help you learn the material is always a good thing. Even if you’re one of those people who does better on your own, teaching someone else the material is actually the best way to learn it yourself.

So even if it’s just once, try to sit down with someone and study together. (Pro tip: You do not need to be in the same classes for this to work. Explaining something you’re learning to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about works just as well.)

4. Food & Caffeine

It is almost impossible to study without snacks. My favourite is junk food but if you prefer something healthier, that works too. Also! Don’t be falling asleep at your desk. Find your caffeine of choice (coffee/tea/etc.) and get a big cup for the day of studying ahead of you.

5. Sleep

DO NOT OVERDO THE CAFFEINE. Your body needs sleep. Your brain needs sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep before your finals, you’re not going to do your best.

So even if it is tempting to stay up cramming until 3 a.m., the better choice is to go to bed at a decent time. Give yourself a time which you will absolutely not study past, even if it’s before when you’ll go to bed, and stick to it. Resting your brain is just as important as working it out.

Finally, I just want to say, believe in yourselves. People freak out over exams and study like crazy for things they know like the back of their own hand. You have been in these classes all semester. You’ve been doing the work. You’re going to be fine.

Happy studying!

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