Give yourself some time: advice for finals.

I was on my bed, my body lying lifeless.

Eyes staring through the ceiling, in a dimension of my own.

I wasn’t spaced out, I was very much in this world–in this reality.

But, I wasn’t connected. I felt light because nothing was bothering me.

My arm was falling off the bed, my head displaced from the pillow, my hair was all messed up, and my body was absorbing the heat. The sunlight played with my hair, the sun was teasing my skin, the window was a little open, and a fresh breeze of air calmly caressed my face.

There was a little sound of a guitar in the background. I couldn’t tell if it was real or something in my head, but it was beautiful. It made my nerves dance, my heart pound.

I could hear people talking, nothing more than a noise. I could hear the traffic going on–but the wind was overpowering with its song.

I could feel the curtain roll, could hear the chiming of the keys and the rustling of the trees.

The papers were making a music of their own, and the birds somehow seemed distant, yet so close.

Tears rolled down my cheek, my lips shivered as I breathed.

There was a tremble in my breath, yet peace in my head.

For lying there, lifelessly, made me realize–how full of life I am.

All of it I never noticed, so I felt beautiful in my own skin. I felt satisfied in my own blood. I was happy with this life.

My soul taught my thoughts how my body wasn’t important.

“My eyes closed and my thoughts were gone; All that was left was a peaceful storm.”


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