The Best Things About Living in Residence

A few days ago, I realized with a shock that it’s already March, and that I have less than two months left of my first year at university!

This also means that I have less than two months left living in residence, giving me a very small window of time to write about the first year experience while still living it.

A huge part of that experience for many students involves living in residence, so I have asked my fellow residents to help make a list of the best things about living in residence.


Community events

There is always so much happening on campus, and your CLs (Community Leaders/UVic’s term for RAs) will often organize cool volunteer opportunities or, in the case of my building, a Christmas Party complete with carolling to kick off exam time.

A blurry pre-classical music concert photo with friends

Being able to walk down the hall to see your friends

To add to this one, if you ever run out of anything (for example chocolate, which happened to me during midterms… this was a dark day for me), you can just knock on your friends’ doors and they’ll help you out.

When it’s your birthday, people put balloons on your door

My friend Kayla recently turned 19, and our friend Arielle put balloons on her door to celebrate.

Being so close to everything that you need

My furthest class is literally a 10-minute walk from my dorm room, and Cadboro Commons (the main cafeteria) is just a minute away. Also, if you like the beach, Cadboro Bay is a 10-minute walk down the hill.

When you lock yourself out of your room and your neighbour lends you their shoes

This has happened to me more times than I care to admit. I will be eternally grateful to the people who have lent me their shoes so I can run to Residence Services to get a spare set of keys.

My awesome CL Erica holding the shoes she lent me when I locked myself out of my room in first semester

Having so much taken care of for you

You don’t have to make food, and you only have to clean your own room. This is so convenient, and a huge time saver while you’re trying to figure out how to manage all the activities, classes and homework.

Group study sessions

Have a question about the midterm? Don’t understand an assignment? Missed the notes for that day’s class? Ask around! You’ll quickly find someone in your building (or even on your floor) who is in the same class and can help you out.

Writing an essay after midnight is so much easier when you have other people around

Movie and TV show nights in the lounge

I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy or the Bachelor, but I know people in my building who get together to watch these shows (and eat snacks) every week. If only someone would start a Downton Abbey night…

Late night traffic jams in the hallway when we end up sitting around chatting

This is by far my favourite part about being in residence. I’m in a single room, and it can get lonely sometimes. But then I hear voices talking in the hallway, and I can get my fill of socializing without even leaving the building.

A semi-candid photo of fellow residents who kindly let me take a photo of them hanging out in the hallway

I don’t want to pretend that living in residence is full of sunshine and roses all the time. It does come with its downsides, and I know that not everyone has a positive experience. But I think it’s safe to say that in general, people really love it and realize that they had experiences they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten living off-campus.

It’s also a great way to transition from high school to university, while being in a space that makes finding friends so easy! For me, choosing to live in residence was absolutely the right decision, and I know that it’s going to be really hard to move out in April after making so many great friends and memories in this past year.

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  1. Brent Seesu says:

    HEY! super cool blog post, I love what you write. It encourages me to come to UVIC! I really hope I can meet you and we can be really good friends 🙂 YOURE MY IDOL

  2. Chelsea Crawford says:

    Awesome blog post, very well written!