Vegetarian Taco Salad

Here is your second recipe to celebrate March Nutrition Month from the Student Health Ambassadors and Peer Educators (SHAPE).

Today we are showing you a tasty taco salad. This recipe is loaded with veggies and black beans  – a cheaper and more fiber-rich alternative to meat. You can prepare this the night before to take in your lunch the following day, or serve it for dinner with friends. Try substituting a lower-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream.

Are you wondering what SHAPE is?  We’re a group of student volunteers that provide health and wellness resources and programs for the university community. We plan events and activities, develop workshops, provide guidance and education, and connect students to campus and community services. You can find out more on the Health Services website.

Thank you again to the UVic Exercise is Medicine group for helping with the filming!

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1 Response

  1. CB says:

    Since we’re celebrating nutrition month, let’s go even further to make this a truly nutritious meal.

    How about we substitute the following:

    tortilla chips – try using 100% whole wheat baked pita bread crisps (unless you’re celiac)

    cheese – come on people – cheese is not a healthy alternative. Try a little nutritional yeast or even more yummy, a cashew-based “cheeze” sauce. A great recipe for this can be found at:

    yoghurt – try cashew-based cream. Great and HEALTHY recipes can be found here: My personal favourite is:

    Processed salsa – not sure of the ingredients in this can, but let’s stick with salsa that’s real food and fresh with no preservatives. How about something like this for a truly yummy salsa?

    Try it! You won’t be disappointed!