Turning Your Dorm Room Into a Home

Learning how to make the most of a small space can be key when moving into residence. Working in a few little things can make the difference between a room and a home. (Note: all things hung on walls were hung with non-damaging methods: stick-on hooks, putty).


At the beginning of each term UVic hosts the Imaginus Poster Sale. This sale is literally a huge room packed full of hundreds of posters to choose from to add a unique touch to those bare walls.


Christmas lights are not just for the holidays anymore. From multicolored to fairy lights, having these lights adds a magical touch to your room.

I recommend draping some lights to border your window, your poster board, or next to and over your bed.


Nothing says home more than a rug. It makes your room look cozier and gives you something soft to step on in the morning. Try to avoid white or very light colors if you can though cause you know you probably won’t get around to washing it for a while if ever.


Photos of friends and loved ones can brighten up your room in more ways than one. Get creative with them too. Hang them like a clothes line, arrange them in shapes, make a collage, line your walls and shelves with them. They will bring a personal touch to your room and you will literally be surrounded by love.


pots-716579__180Whether or not you have a green thumb, owning a plant can be a cinch. Throughout the year there are occasional pop-up shops selling flowers and succulents.

Succulents are the perfect plant for a busy student because of how neglectable they are. Water them now and again and you have a lovely living accent. Place it on your desk or on your windowsill.

My Windowsill in First Year

Fill Your Shelves (and your windowsill)

My shelves (phone in student staff rooms only). Two paintings on middle shelf by arianapaige.wix.com/visualarts

Books, photos, mugs, tea, art. Keep it organized but fun. My shelves over my desk are probably my favorite part of my room because with one look I see so much of who I am. Incorporate your instruments or hobbies as decorations too.

Glow in the Dark Stars

So simple yet so effective. Glow in the dark stars can be bought for quite cheap and you get so many of them. Don’t just stick them on the ceiling but get the walls too! Look into glow in the dark planets to hang as well. Practically invisible during the day but at the end of the night you have your own universe to fall asleep to. Talk about adding space haha. 😉

P.S. Pinterest is an infinite trove of ideas and inspiration! Get decorating! 🙂

A Couple Bonus Pics of My Room

“Birds of Paradise” painting by Mattiana Lang

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  1. CB says:

    Great post, Rebecca! Is that a box of cake mix I see??? 😉

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha thank you, and yes it is! I use it to make Mug Cake. About three spoons of water for every two big spoons of cake mix. Mix together until a muddy texture. Microwave for about a minute (more or less depending on how much you make) then enjoy 🙂