A February Survival Guide

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but I’m going to make it a hundred and one: February is the hardest month of the school year. Your professors are not joking when they tell you that if you use reading break as spring break, you’re going to fall behind fast. Whether you have all your midterms before reading break or all of them after, February is no time for slacking.

But you’re probably reading this thinking I have more than just midterms due. Projects, essays, quizzes, and every other assignment under the sun ends up being due in February. Your calendar is probably a mess of colours as you try to work out what’s due when, when you need to start working on it, and what takes priority over everything else. Luckily for you, with two years of Februaries under my belt, I’m about to give you a crash course in how exactly to survive this hell month.

1. Have priorities, timelines, and deadlines. 

It’s tempting to give it all up at times and bingewatch Netflix instead of studying, but you need to know your limits. Is a week long enough to study for your midterms? Two? How long will you study each night? Make sure you know what you need to pass the test and don’t give up on your schedule for anything.

Projects are the same way. Figure out how much time you need to finish and how long you need to work on it each day to make that happen. Make a schedule and stick to it but don’t beat yourself up if you slip up once in a while. Take a deep breath and try again.

2. Don’t overwork yourself. 

Maybe it seems counterproductive to take a break but you need breaks. You can’t work 24/7 and expect everything to come out perfect. Sleep at least eight hours a night. Eat healthy meals and don’t eat while working.

Set aside some time to watch your favourite show or read a chapter of a book. Your brain will thank you for it.

3. Know you can get through this. 

February often seems impossible but it’s not. Thousands of people have gotten through it before you and thousands of people will get through it after you. Positivity is key. 

No matter what you have on your plate, cut it into chunks, make it workable, and believe in yourself. Believe it or not, school isn’t built to be impossible and your professors are there to help you. Get help if you need it.

Whatever happens, don’t give up. February is the hardest month of the year – yes, harder than finals month – and it will try to break you. But you’re stronger than that. You know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and you’re not going to give up because of one busy month. And once February’s over, it’s a downhill ride to the finish line.

Happy February!

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