My Philippines Reading Break – Behind the Scenes

Remember that one time I went to the Philippines for my reading break? *Long Profound Silence*

Since I’ve come back, I’ve been asked a number of times to explain why I was there, and how exactly I managed to travel the world in my week off. One thing that definitely helped was the Student International Activity Fund grant I received from the Global Engagement office here at UVic, and the rest of the “how” I answered in my previous blog post about my trip. You can check out all the awesome funding available to adventuresome students on the international website.

Today, however, I have made a follow up video in an effort to explain the context of the film I was making there and the crazy stuff we had to do to pull it off.

Thanks for watching!

P.S. If you get bored watching the video, you can skip to the last minute of it and check out all the out-takes from the trip.


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