Fisherman’s Wharf

Seeing as I have been revealing all my hiding spots to you guys, I decided I should continue with this theme and tell you about a few more.

So far I have mentioned Finnerty Gardens for a campus getaway, and Beacon Hill Park for a hiding spot a little bit further from campus but just as beautiful. The next spot I’m going to tell you about is Fisherman’s Wharf. Although this spot is more of a touristy destination I urge you to visit it.

sealThere is something very surreal about walking through the colourful boat houses floating on the ocean and watching the seals beg for handouts. Yes, seals, begging for food. It’s as great as it sounds, although I feel I should mention they tend to splash for my attention and handouts so I’d suggest wearing waterproof clothing or standing a little further back.

And I feel like that is all I need to say about this matter, the rest I will just show you. Just remember these are people’s homes and to always be respectful of their privacy and property.

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