My Favourite Victoria Breakfast Places

It’s a crisp Victoria Sunday morning. There’s a cool ocean breeze shaking the tree tops, and fresh dew on the window sill. Whether last night was another late one at the McPherson library, or a dance filled night at Felicita’s, the university pub, breakfast is on the menu, and it can wait no longer. Cereal or a McMuffin will not cut it this morning. You deserve something a little more refined and delicious for your efforts.

If you’re on campus, you know you have to leave your cozy dorm room for the cafeteria or Mystic Market, and if you’re off campus your fridge selection is—most often as a student—looking pretty grim. Now that we have come this far, what and where are the best places outside the house to get, let’s say, a breakfast sandwich, maybe a hash, or eggs benny complemented with a coffee?

As a lover of everything breakfast, I’ve gone the distance on those familiar Sundays to find some of the city’s breakfast gems. Here are my top breakfast places close to UVic in no particular order:

1. The Village

Located in the Gordon Head area, The Village Restaurant prides itself on locally sourced ingredients.

With an assortment of classics, omelettes, and bennys, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

Keep in mind the list of top 10 most ordered dishes on the menu; this is where you will find my favourite Eggs Benedict of all time, the Red Barn Benny.


2. Urban Cup Cafe

Just after Cedar Hill X on Shelbourne, Urban Cup is always bustling with a demographic of all ages. From your university gang to your grandma, there will be a staple for them somewhere on this menu.

Pick up a newspaper, or a box of cards or dice, and play a couple hands while you wait for the best hash on the planet: the Montreal Hash. Best underrated spot to grab a quick coffee and some of the best breakfast grub in town (my personal favourite).


3. Jam Cafe

On Herald St. in downtown Victoria, Jam Cafe is a twist on the “old breakfast diner.”

On the weekends there is often a line out the door, and sometimes down the block (for good reason, I’ll tell you that for free).

So get there in a timely manner, and soak in the vintage diner/west-coasty/sports decor. The walls are covered in some of the most unique memorabilia I have ever seen. Not to mention, the food isn’t half bad. 🙂


4. Blue Fox Cafe

Located on Fort St. just up from Quadra, the Blue Fox Cafe has the most abundant assortment of Eggs Benny. From the classic Benny to the Triceratop, you might have trouble landing on one dish.

Bring a friend to this cozy, artsy themed diner and get a taste of a couple different benny variations that you never knew existed.


5. Base Camp

Mystic Market, University of VictoriaAhhhh Base Camp. Near and dear to the whole UVic community, Base Camp is the main culprit for congestion in Mystic Market at all times of the day. This is my go-to on campus all day, every day.

Custom omelettes or the notorious “Egg Burger” are both absolute bomb home-runs. For those on campus, this is likely the closest spot to fill your breakfast needs, and for those off, I recommend stopping by and see what the egg burger is really all about!

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