5 Apps Students Shouldn’t Live Without

1. Google Calendar (Free)

You can’t possibly tell me (with a straight face) that you’re not constantly attached to some sort of internet receiving tool. Google Calendar is available to anyone with a Google account and works on any device.

The app allows you to track your due dates, important events, birthdays, work schedules, and holidays. Google Calendar can be set to be viewed as an agenda, by the month, or just day by day. But the best part? You can colour code!

2. Quizlet (Free)

This is another one of those handy apps that can be used on virtually any device. If you haven’t already encountered Quizlet in your life at UVic, it’s basically like online flashcards that you type instead of writing out (which can really save you some valuable time).

Quizlet has many options when it comes to studying your flashcards: it can formulate tests, memory games, and shuffles the cards for you. Furthermore, the app keeps track of which terms you’ve got down, and which terms you’re still struggling to understand and saves your progress to your account so you can start from where you left off.

3. Notability/Evernote (Free)

Although both Notability and Evernote can be used on a laptop or desktop computer, these apps are most useful on tablets and smart phones. These apps work like a sheet of paper: you can highlight, erase, and write notes in different colours.

Both apps also allow you to download PDFs and Word documents, so you can mark up an article, or even your own writing when you’re revising.

4. SelfControl ($2.79)

This app lets you temporarily block distracting websites and apps for a set amount of time. If you really can’t fathom paying money for something you’ve never tried, there are also free adaptations of SelfControl such as Blacklist and Refrain.

5. 7 Minute Workout Challenge (Free)

Although taking a break from studying and moving around can improve your focus and creativity, sometimes we feel like we don’t have the time to stop in a world of fast approaching deadlines. But trust me, you can afford to take 7 minutes to stop and do something healthy for yourself.

7 Minute Workout is simple and requires no equipment. It also tracks your progress and your fitness goals so you can check up on your physical health during your painstakingly long semester (which is actually just three months but feels like years).

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1 Response

  1. AD says:

    Except that Google scans your calendar, email and everything for advertising and profile building.

    Not so fun when you start seeing ads everywhere you go on the web for a particular illness because you happened to put in an appointment for a specialist doctor, a particular legal action because you made an appointment with a lawyer other privacy invasive stuff. Stay away from Google, use alternatives that advocate privacy; or at the very least go into your Google settings and turn off targeted ads (but they’re still building that profile and ready for when you turn it back on…).

    Free is not free so buyer (or in this case… seller) beware.