Top 10 Vikes Nation Events of 2016

With 2016 behind us, it’s important to look back and remember all the good times. We’re going through 2016 and highlighting the top 10 events that brought our community closer together, that gave us unforgettable memories, that made us lose our voices as we climbed to the top and rose as one.

This is Vikes Nation. WE are Vikes Nation.

#10 – Nights of Lightning

This event was the welcome back for all students in January. It’s the first huge basketball game in the new year and our theme… NEON! The arena gets decked and the students come running. We have huge prizes at this event including a $1000 tuition credit give away!!

Preceding this event was a massive DJ light show in the residence cafeteria with hard beats and great times. There was also a special glow half-time performance from Vibe Street Dance! Nights of Lightning brought Vikes Nation together in a unique, glow atmosphere as our school spirit lifted the men’s and women’s teams in great feats! Photo credits: Taryn Walker.

#9 – Hockey Night

Packing the arena and selling out is never a problem for this truly Canadian event. The Vikes Hockey Team hosts us once a term and Vikes Nation shows up with warm drinks in hand, ready to cheer on the boys! With an outdoor DJ, huge giveaways, Maude Hunter’s sponsorship and even Thunder on ice, the hockey night event brings us all together!

This year, a lucky individual scored huge when she shot a puck from centre ice through a small opening at the other end of the rink – mad props! “I loved the hockey games, because we worked as a team to create the hype and the teamwork brought forward by everyone was incredible” – Rehatbir Singh, Vikes Nation Ambassador. Photo credits: Armando Tura. 


#8 – Dodge in the Dark

Have you played dodgeball? What about dodgeball in the dark? In dodge in the dark, the arena was completed blacked out and tons of glow lights created an intense atmosphere. Students showed up, got decked in tons of glow gear and played red robin tournaments of dodgeball – it was definitely a ball of a time!

Daniel Mecham, Vikes Nation Ambassador Executive states, “Dodge in the dark was hecka trippy cool!” Check out the 2016 recap video put together by Vikes Nation Ambassador, Madeline Whitlock. Photo credits: Armando Tura.

#7 – Shoot for the Cure

This annual event is truly important as Vikes Nation doesn’t just get together to cheer on our Vikes but also for an important cause — to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This year was no different. With hundreds of supporters at the event, Vikes Nation raised over $2000. The entire arena was decked out in pink and everyone even got pink shirts!

It’s always a rowdy game as we play our long time rivals, UBC! Oh, and we also made history as the largest Canadian campus to perform the mannequin challenge, check it out. Alongside this event was the first ever Spin for the Cure, hosted by Shayna Plotnikoff! “We all came together and had tons of fun supporting an amazing cause – and CARSA has never looked prettier ” – Liz Porterfield, Vikes Nation Ambassador. Photo credits: Daniel Mecham, Armando Tura, Emily Liu.

#6 – She Scores – Women’s Rugby Nationals

For the first time ever, many of our Vikes women took the field at Centennial Stadium. Although the results weren’t in our favour, Vikes Nation came out and made mad noise for the ladies. We even had the women from the Canadian Rugby Team, who placed third at the Olympics, come out for the event!

With a tailgate BBQ, a huge fan base and the heat from the pressure on the field, She Scores was a massive success! Jess Neilson, varsity athlete and fellow blogger, reflects on the tournament, “I have to say [that] UVic puts on a pretty impressive show, and I have a massive thank you to send out to the staff at Vikes Rec and Athletics.” Photo credits: Axel Marini.

#5 – Blue & Gold Blitz

For the first time ever, Vikes Nation hosted a free campus colour run that ended at Cadboro Bay! We started with a massive colour party just outside residence and students ran right through campus and went down to the beach, right into the water!

With obstacles, tons of colour and massive smiles, the first ever Blue & Gold blitz was the colour of fun! Thanks to a massive partnership with the UVic Mental Health Initiative, this event was part of the de-stress week before finals. Students literally threw around hundreds of pounds of colour and threw away all their stress as well! Photo credits: Armando Tura.

#4 – Days of Thunder

Let’s roll, let’s rumble, let’s get ready for Days of Thunder. The kick off basketball event of the year always sells out! With huge anticipation and build up across our campus, it’s a major good time for students. Residence students get a massive turn out from this one as students get completely decked out in their buildings then flood the gates at CARSA.

With massive dollar prizes in half court shot giveaways and even more prizes alongside that, Vikes Nation fills the stands and puts out a great support for the boys and girls on the court. Not to mention, we’ve got some amazing game day traditions that elevate the experience. Check out the 2016 recap video below, by Aidan Collins. Photo credits: Taryn Walker, Axel Marini.

#3 – Yoga Rave

Breaking records, Vikes Nation hosted the largest Yoga Rave to date! With 471 participants, the arena was black lit and our yogis were glowing! Everyone arriving received a free glow-in-the-dark water bottle and tons of glow supplies including a paint party! In glow with the flow, students could find their flow then rock their zen! We ended the night with a huge dance party and everyone left feeling refreshed and definitely a little sweaty. Photo credits: Armando Tura.

#2 – Thunderfest

The annual back-to-school event welcomes Vikes Nation back in masses! With over 75 booths, tons of huge prizes, amazing activities and superb weather – this is the place to be!

This year we had a portable climbing wall, bubble soccer, archery tag, a drum circle, bands on the roof and multiple gladiator-style arenas. Every student received a passport upon entry and if you visited enough spots, you received a ballot entry for some mad prizes and cash money at the Thunderfest Soccer game later that evening. With over 6000+ people coming through the gates, Vikes Nation was welcomed in style! Photo credits: Taryn Walker.

#1 – Thunderfest – Soccer Game

Reaching over 3000 attendees this year, Thunderfest was electrifying! The crowd was insane and the community came together like no other. With skydivers falling down with the game day ball, a massive t-shirt sling shot and the full crowd making history in Vikes Nation’s first ever Thunder Clap, Thunderfest 2016 was a kickstart moment.

The constant cheers, the resonating echos of support and the shining beams of laughter set the tone for the 2016/2017 school year, welcoming new and old into another year with Vikes Nation at the University of Victoria. Brenden Walker, first year student stated “[I loved] Thunderfest because it brought everyone together in the first week of being at UVic!” Check out the 2016 recap video of Thunderfest and the soccer game! Photo credits: Armando Tura. Video credit: Aidan Collins.

Honourable Mentions: Dance Showcase, Santa Lights Parade, Dyno Bouldering Competition  








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