Confessions from an international traveller

Hello everyone!

Last week I had my last exam of the term (YAY!) and I also started my big trip back home to the Dominican Republic. Going home usually takes at least three planes and around 15+ hours of travelling, which is why I decided to get a companion this time (I actually bought this Yoshi for my niece). The trip was exhausting, and a bit like a thriller movie. You never know which plane will be delayed because of a random snow storm (usually in Toronto).






Besides being a great companion, Yoshi turned out to be a great pillow. Get something like this if you are travelling long distances, it is a life-saver.

Eventually, the temperature inside the plane started changing. I got rid of my winter clothes and in less than an hour I could see my island.

I finally made it home and thus far I have seen most of my friends and family members 🙂 I have been learning how to dance and cook more Dominican food. P.S. we dance a lot of merengue, salsa and bachata!

Basically I am feeling super grateful for this opportunity to be back home. I still think about UVic a lot though, especially because I have learned so much about the life in Canada and so many other cultures, thanks to the diversity on campus. I see my own culture with different eyes now and I embrace it even more than I did before. I do not want to forget where I come from, but travelling has definitely changed the way I feel, see and think about the world. I know this is the case for many students at UVic as well.

All of this being said, it is good to be back and to reconnect with my roots.

Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year everyone!

Here is a quick video + bloopers (warning: bloopers are really loud)



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