The Best Advice Comes From my Professors

I think it’s safe to assume that at least one teacher has made a difference in your life. Maybe you remember your high school biology teacher who inspired you so much that you went home and decided you would pursue Marine Biology. Or maybe you remember your second-grade teacher who loved to read you Edgar Alan Poe and gave you a flare for the dramatic arts. We all have that teacher. We have that mentor who inspired us and taught us that we were capable of more than we could ever imagine.

Since starting university, I’ve had the pleasure to meet a diverse group of mentors. My professors have shaped me into the student I am today. They push me, and make me want to excel. Every time a professor says something I can apply to my journey as a student, I save it in a note on my phone. When I feel like giving up, I just look at my notes and remember why I’m doing this. I remember all the things I’m learning about life, not just academics. I challenge you to try and use at least one of these fragments of advice when you’re feeling down and out about school.

pexels-photo-165752-11. “Have faith. I don’t mean you have to go adopt a religion, but have faith in something. Have faith in God, or people, or science, or luck. Have faith in yourself. Faith is what keeps you going.”

2. “Sleeping 16 hours in one day is acceptable once in a while.”

3. “This is your experience. Don’t let anybody take it away from you.”

4. “Love what you love without shame.”

5. “Think before you speak. When someone says something, mull over their words before answering. This is called listening; it is different than hearing.”


“Love what you love without shame.”

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