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top-view-1248955_960_720I must say I thought it would be a lot harder to eat green, especially living in residence with seemingly limited options, but I have found this transition to be quite simple and the options abundant (and yummy). Here is how I did it and my favorite ways to eat them greens.

Village Greens

Otherwise known as the base camp for any vegans and vegetarians living in residence. Village Greens has a consistent menu and daily specials.

Some of my favorites: Vegan Poutine, Tandoori Burrito with Soy Chicken, BBQ Pulled Carrot Sandwich, Vegan Pancakes, and Spinach and Artichoke Flatbread pizza. On your way out fill up a bowl from the salad bar (it is priced by the bowl so if you can balance it on that bowl, it is only $2.50).

Village Greens also features a Smoothie Bar that, if I am honest, I visit a little too often because it is so good!


Sandwich Bar in Cap’s

Grab a custom made wrap or sandwich filled to the brim with fresh veggies. Offers gluten free options.

Mac’s (not on meal plan)macs_290

Mac’s in the MacLaurin building also has a custom sandwich bar but can get pretty busy at lunch as a heads up. It is a great spot to grab a bite between classes, though.

Health Food Bar (not on meal plan)

Located in the SUB, HFB is always coming up with new delicious recipes and has both regular and vegetarian options. Juice and smoothies are available as well (you can add bee pollen which sounds weird but is actually pretty cool and good for you…buzz).


Mystic Market (not on meal plan)

imagesMystic Market is not included on the meal plan but contains many food stands with more to come (including a Booster Juice) that many have vegetarian/vegan options.

  • Noodle Box has all vegetarian noodle boxes (adding meat is an option).
  • Flamin Good Grill has a yummy Quinoa Burger.
  • Treks specializes in paninis and soups and has both vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Tofino’s makes amazing pizza and pasta also with vegetarian and vegan options.
  • For breakfast go to Basecamp for an omelette (vegetarian) and stuff it full of veggies.

Three words: Grilled Cinnamon Buns (can be found at Basecamp).

So for all you herbivores out there, do not worry, delicious food is all around you. 😀

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