A Bibliophile’s Guide to Victoria

Philip Pullman, Sylvia Plath, Rupi Kaur, Mitchell Sturhann, and JRR Tolkein; some of my favorite authors and names you might recognize if you love books. Luckily, Victoria is a wonderful place to live if you are a fellow bibliophile. Here are some of my favorite places to hunt for books in Victoria:

Russell Books (734 Fort Street)

Advertised as Canada’s Largest New and Used Bookstore, Russell Books does not let you down. With three levels of books, you are sure to find what you are looking for and perhaps something you didn’t know you needed.


The basement holds a large collection of rare and vintage books. For those like me who love the smell of books, you will get a bouquet of pleasant aroma that only time can create.


Books on View (702 View Street)

A division of Russell Books, Books on View is located downstairs on View Street. You heard me correctly — to enter you must descend a staircase lined wall to wall with books to enter the seemingly endless halls of used books. This location is both unique and great for photos.


Great Spot for Pics!

Munro’s Books (1108 Government Street)

This historical building was originally designed for the Royal Bank of Canada in 1909 and is considered one of the most beautiful book stores in Canada. With a vast selection and proximity to Murchie’s you can buy your book and drink tea too.


Curious Comics (631 Johnson Street)

For the geek in all of us, Curious Comics is amazing even just to walk into and look around. I love checking out all the intensely detailed art both within the comic books and displayed through figurines.


Ivy’s Bookshop (2188 Oak Bay Avenue)

Located on the ever charming Oak Bay Avenue, Ivy’s Bookshop has that small local store vibe that you just love. Plus it is right next to a Starbucks! And their window displays are always darling.


A Personal Favorite

chapters_storeChapters (1212 Douglas Street)

Located next to a McDonald’s with a Starbucks inside on the second floor, Chapters is a beautiful place. With three stories of books and tons of cute stuff you can wander around for hours.

Chapters has candles, blankets, mugs, seasonal snacks and a million other things you totally don’t need but totally want.

Two Bonus Websites

Goodreads.com (Warning: Addicting)

For those of us who cannot get enough of organizing our books and talking about books, Goodreads is the perfect place. With your free account you can log every book you have ever read and organize them into lists however you want. You can also add books you wish to read and keep track of your progress while you read. When you are done leave a review or answer questions about the book for other booklovers. Take/make quizzes and see recommendations. I spend a lot of time here, I admit — haha.


Do you like cheap books? Of course you do! If you are looking to add to your collection from the comfort of your room, check out Thriftbooks. They sell new and used books in various editions for crazy cheap. I once got away with four books for only $10! They come beautifully packaged in colorful wrapping. It is like sending presents to yourself.

Happy Hunting (and Reading)!

What I Am Reading:

  • Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs
  • Milk and Honey By Rupi Kaur

Cavity (556 b Pandora Ave)

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