Galey Farms vs. Vancouver Island Corn Maze


October has come and gone and as we move into November I want to look back at two adventures I went on: Galey Farms and the Vancouver Island Corn Maze.

pumpkin field

Galey Farms

I am a Community Leader in residence so I get to plan events for my residents, like a trip to Galey Farms. Galey Farms is a short bus ride and walk from campus and includes a variety of options for your Fall fun and pumpkin needs. Galey is very family friendly and offers deals for special events (Pumpkinfest). On October evenings a spookier version of the Farms is offered as well (Festival of Fear).

Some activities offered include:

Mini Donuts (for only $5 and they fill it to the brim, yum!), other foods are offered as well.


Residents enjoying mini donuts

Pumpkin Patch (pick your own to take home), and you get to take a hay ride to get there.

P.S. Keep an eye out for adorable babies dressed as pumpkins.

pumpkin patch

You might get your hands a little dirty though, haha.

dirty hands

Photo ops with your pumpkins!

Galey Farms

Plus a corn maze, petting farm, haunted house, and playground!


Vancouver Island Corn Maze

Located in North Saanich, Vancouver Island Corn Maze features an expert level corn maze in which you can attempt to locate check points with clues. If you complete this game successfully you can be entered into a prize drawing. You and your friends can take turns practicing your navigation skills. Don’t forget to grab some kettle corn for the walk! This year my team of CLs decided to take on the maze.

McPark Neighborhood Team Social

McPark Neighborhood Team Social

I recommend planning ahead of time in accordance with the weather otherwise it can get pretty muddy. Boots are available to rent for a few dollars.

muddy boots

You can also purchase pumpkins from a select bunch on display.


CLs Blessing, Sydney, and Ivy

When you are done for the day you can grab some food from the food truck and purchase a pumpkin or two.

In the end there is no competition. Both venues are fantastic and we all had a blast at both. Check them out next Fall!


I hope this isn’t too corny…

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